Want to Succeed in the Theater World? Here are some tips to bring the art of theater to life

Maintaining the existence of a theatrical art performance is not an easy thing. Especially in the current era of technological development, there are many obstacles and the lack of community participation is an obstacle that drains the mind and energy. It was felt by the founder of Teater Koma who has survived for 38 years in the Indonesian theater stage.

There is no success without sacrifice, without hard work, struggle and commitment. This motivation has led the Indonesian coma theater community to continue to exist on the theater arts stage and is known to this day.

Teater Koma is a theater arts group that was founded on March 1, 1977 in Jakarta. As a theater group that is quite old, Teater Koma has a pretty good reputation in the Indonesian theater scene. It has been recorded that 111 repertoires have been played, both on television screens and on conventional stages.

However, behind the success achieved by the coma theater, there are two strong figures as well as the founder of the coma theater. They are Norbertus Riantiarno (born in Cirebon, West Java, 6 June 1949) or who are familiarly called Nano Riantiarno and Ratna Riantiarno (Born in Manado, North Sulawesi, 23 April 1952).

The ups and downs and the ups and downs of building the Koma theater, said Nano accompanied by his wife at a workshop in the closed theater of the NTB Cultural Park, recently. Nano Riantiarno is an Indonesian actor, writer, director, journalist and theater figure.

While Ratna is an actress, performing arts manager, Indonesian theater activist. Both are husband and wife who are both struggling to develop performing arts in Indonesia. In front of dozens of theater communities in NTB, N. Riantiarno revealed various tips on how to make a theater performance, especially in NTB, which will be liked and loved by many people.

First, story ideas raised and staged must touch directly with people’s lives. And obtained through in-depth study between groups. Thus, people who watch the show will feel as if the theater is in accordance with the reality felt by the people below.

“The Cockroach Opera is a theatrical work of Koma, which remains victorious and is staged to this day. Therefore, in the show that tells the life of the lower class. However, during the new order, it was not uncommon for this opera to be cancelled,” he recalls.

Second, management must be professional. According to Nano, in managing a show in determining who is responsible for the production, the person in charge of the property, funding, sponsor seekers and others. All must have a strong commitment so that every show will run successfully.

“This is what we continue to cultivate as long as the coma theater has a career on the Indonesian theater stage,” he said.

Third, the group’s creativity is the spearhead of every show, therefore, according to Nano as the founder of the coma theater is known, creative members are the success of a show and the wealth of ideas and networks to find sponsors and offer offers are part of the success of a theatre.

“In the world of theater arts, ideas and innovations are the main keys to the success of a theatrical art performance,” he said.

Fourth, the relationship between the theater community and the audience. Because the audience is an important factor in every stage art performance. For that, while the theater coma works. They continue to build a harmonious relationship with the audience. However, there are not a few artists who have idealistic traits, which is important they continue to work even though only a few are watching.

“But the relationship with the audience is a strategic part so that the work can be remembered by many people,” said Nano Riantiarno.

On the other hand, as a wife, Ratna Riantiarno plays an important role in supporting her husband to work, even though he has to face pressure from his family and even his own father. While struggling with her husband, Ratna saw that the next tip was

Transparency of members in management is an important part of the theater group.

“So far, the struggle of the theater community, especially transparency in all matters, is the right step for its development,” said Ratna, adding to her husband’s explanation.

In addition to transparency, Ratna, who is also part of the founder of the theater coma, explained that the loyalty between the founders and performers of theatrical arts cannot be separated from the trust between each other in every action or innovation taken.

Then the last one, according to Ratna, is for strategic promotions in the future to use and take advantage of current modern technological developments. So that theater arts throughout the country still exist along with the times.

Therefore, routinely and periodically, theatrical performing arts must be able to appear at least once or twice a year. “Hopefully the presence of these two Indonesian theater figures can be a motivation to boost the development of theater arts in the NTB Province. We are very grateful for the presence of these two theater figures,” said the Head of the NTB Cultural Park, Baiq Rahmayati. (NM1)

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