God Of Gamblers Show February 2021

The story of the gods is still a concern in the world of performance. This is consistently presented by Epictheater. After successfully staging Mahabarata: Asmara Raja Dewa in February 2021, Epictheater, supported by Bakti Budaya Djarum Foundation, has again held its newest performance entitled Goro-Goro: Mahabarata 2.

This play is the 158th production of Epictheater and is also the first major show for Epictheater in 2021 which will be staged at Graha Bhakti Budaya, Taman Ismail Marzuki from 25 July to 4 August 2020.

“In its latest play, Epictheater is back with the story of the lives of the gods and wayang puppets. Hopefully the continuation of the classic story from Indonesia, which is packaged in a modern way by Epictheater, can inspire and educate art connoisseurs, especially the younger generation, to better interpret noble teachings, “said Renitasari Adrian Program Director Bakti Budaya Djarum Foundation as released by Fimela, Thursday (18 / 7).

In addition to supporting performances, Bakti Budaya Djarum Foundation also participates in the Epictheater performing arts appreciation program. The program which aims to invite 200 young people or millennials in Jakarta to watch the Koma Theater performance.

This program is expected to provide a space for appreciation for the community, especially the millennial generation who have never seen Epictheater’s work before, so that they find references to artistic offerings and detailed dramaturgy concepts from Teater Koma’s works.

The performance of Goro-Goro: Mahabarata 2 tells the story of Semar and Togog who are assigned to descend to Marcapada and serve the kings there. Semar becomes a panakawan of knights who defend the truth. While Togog serves the giants who spread evil.

Now, Semar serves the King of Medangkamulyan, Prabu Srimlasiunggung. Togog serves the Giant King of the Sonyantaka Kingdom, Prabu Bukbangkalan. At one time, because his love was rejected, Batara Guru cursed Dewi Lokawati to become a rice plant, and the rice was awarded to the Medangkamulyan kingdom to become the main food ingredient for Wayang Marcapada.

When Medangkamulyan harvested abundant rice, Sonyantaka was even attacked by a famine, so Bukbangkalan was eager to rob Medangkamulyan. Will Sonyantaka succeed in attacking Medangkamulyan?

“Goro-Goro: Mahabarata 2 will invite the audience to imagine and think about what kind of leader they want, a leader who loves peace for the sake of mutual comfort and prosperity, or who loves fighting for ultimate power,” said Nano Riantiarno, script writer and director Goro-Goro. : Mahabharata 2.

Through a training process that has been held regularly since March 2021 and also harmonious collaboration between costumes, make-up, artistic design for the stage, music, multimedia, and the expertise of the players on the stage, it is hoped that the performance of Goro-Goro: Mahabarata 2 can be a unique and unique presentation. appealing to art connoisseurs.

Attract the attention of the younger generation in the world of performance
So that in the future more and more young people are also interested in participating and plunging into the world of performing arts. This performance of Goro-Goro: Mahabarata 2 was supported by veteran actors such as Slamet Rahardjo, Idries Pulungan, Budi Ros, and Ratna Riantiarno.

There are also Sari Madjid, Netta Kusumah Dewi, Rangga Riantiarno, Tuti Hartati, Dorias Pribadi, Ratna Ully, Daisy Lantang, Alex Fatahillah, Raheli Dharmawan, Emanuel Handoyo, Bayu Dharmawan Saleh, Angga Yasti, Dana Hassan, Suntea Sisca, Andhini Puteri, Yulius Buyung, Sir Ilham Jambak, Zulfi Ramdoni, Andhini Puteri Lestari, to Indri Djati.